Green Funerals

Woodland Burial

Woodland burials have become more popular as a green funeral alternative. It is sometimes difficult identifying an appropriate woodland area but we are able to help with this.

Different woodland have different restrictions on the burials that take place there. Depending on the area of choice, there may be rules on coffins, attire and possessions that the deceased may have.

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Green Burial/Natural Burial

Natural burial is increasingly popular, and is perhaps the most feasible option for many. There are many burial sites across the UK to choose from, including Stonefall Crematorium in Harrogate.

There are similar restrictions on natural burial in terms of the coffin and attire, but this varies based on the site chosen. Typically, any wicker style coffin or woollen coffin would be sufficient.

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Future Green Funerals

Future options are currently uncertain, but some countries now offer Resomation. Resomation, or water cremation, takes on a similar form to conventional cremation but uses water combined with an alkaline solution.

Whilst this option is not yet available in the UK, we believe in developing sustainable solutions and will continue to search for current and future alternatives.