Our Pricing

  • We will pay all funeral costs, including third party costs, on your behalf. We then provide a final bill for you to pay to us, leaving no hidden costs
  • We provide a term of 12 months to pay funeral costs, and would like the full sum to be paid within this time. But we are able to negotiate terms that work best for you and your circumstances should you need help
  • We do not take any deposit before the funeral takes place
  • We do not take any money for prepayments, Golden Charter Funeral Plans handle all money until it is released to cover funeral costs

Funeral costs are a difficult subject to discuss, but are very important and are becoming an increasing worry for many people in the UK. Our service to you involves making every step of the funeral process easier for you and your family, of which funeral costs is an ever increasing focus.

Our service costs, shown below, are subject to change on a yearly basis. Costs shown below are subject to change if different products or services are chosen, such as a different coffin or the addition of another limousine.

Light Oak Cremation Coffin     £ 300
Professional Fees                      £ 720
Hearse                                         £ 150
Limousine                                   £ 150
Conveyance of Deceased*      £   80
4 Bearers                                    £   80

Total                                         £1,480

*Within 20 mile radius

The prices shown below relate to other costs, set by people and companies that are out of our control. These prices may be subject to change and are not compulsory. Fees shown below relate to Stonefall Crematorium, Harrogate. The use of an alternative crematorium would typically command different fees.


Cremation Fee                          £    860
Doctor Fees                               £   164
Minister Fees*                          £   200
Order of Service (50 Copies) £      60
Flowers (Doubled Ended)       £      80
Obituary Notice*                      £      60

Total                                           £ 1,414


Right of Burial fee                   £ 1,162
Internment Fee                        £    749
Doctor Fees                              £    164
Minister Fees*                         £    200
Order of Service (50 Copies)£      50
Flowers (Doubled Ended)      £      80
Obituary Notice*                     £      60

Total                                          £ 2,465

* Average of last 200 funerals  

Contact us to find out more about our prices, and allow us to provide you with an estimate free of charge.

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