UK Average Funeral Cost 2020 (Yorkshire and The Humber)

  • Average taken across Yorkshire and The Humber by SunLife in 2019

HC Townsend Average Cost 2019

  • Average taken over 200 funerals, both cremation and burial for the year 2019

Direct Cremation Cost

  • Direct Cremation Fee at Stonefall, Harrogate
  • A Suitable Coffin
  • Our Services Including Conveyance Into Our Care (Within 20 Miles)
  • An Appropriate Vehicle On The Funeral Day
  • Doctor’s Fees (Currently 1 Doctor)

We will pay all funeral costs, including third party costs, on your behalf if you wish, providing you a complete and final invoice

We provide a minimum payment term of 3 months and discuss flexible payments to those in need

We do not take accept money for prepayments, the Golden Charter Trust handle all prepayment funds

We do not request to take any deposit before the funeral takes place