Our Funeral Products

Our products are not limited to what can be seen below, we are able to accommodate any special request for the funeral, simply contact us to make an enquiry.



The choice of a coffin is very important, it is the final resting place for a loved one and should meet the desires of the deceased. Our traditional oak veneer coffins are stocked at all times, making them readily available for use at a funeral. However, special coffins e.g. printed cardboard, hardwood, wicker etc. may be ordered for use at the funeral. Any coffin may be used, should it meet the requirements of size and materials set by the given crematorium or governing body.

For more information do not hesitate to Contact Us, or view our Further Product Range.


Another option to consider is that of the funeral flowers, we have a trusted florist that we would usually suggest using for funeral flowers, but we will accept flowers from, or buy flowers on your behalf, from any florist of your choice. It is always nice to have some flowers to decorate a coffin, whether you would like multiple special floral tributes or just a single rose. We can arrange something for all tastes and budgets.