We are closely monitoring the developing situation, this information is accurate as of 22/5/2020
We have been advised by the relevant governing bodies to act upon the following:
1.) We will be discussing funeral arrangements mostly over the phone, email or skype with bereaved families to ensure we all remain healthy and safe.
2.) People who suspect they may have the virus in particular will be able to make telephone calls or online communications with us. (email or skype hctownsend@aol.com)
3.) All churches are closed.
4.) STONEFALL CREMATORIUM, HARROGATE are limiting attendees of services to 10 close family members. Close family may include Spouse/Partner, Siblings, Children, Parents and Grandparents. Any other unauthorised attendees, should the total number exceed 10, must be turned away. Live streaming of funerals is currently free of charge to families and is being encouraged to allow others to participate from home. SERVICES FOR ASHES are to be suspended, Funeral Directors must hold ashes to be interred at a later date (if internment/scattering at Stonefall Crematorium is desired)
5.)LEEDS BASED CREMATORIA are no longer allowing ANY attendees to services, and are only allowing direct cremations to take place. The plan is to re-open the chapels for services from Monday 8th June, and allow 10 attendees for services.
6.) YORK CREMATORIUM are currently not allowing ANY attendees, they will be opening to the public once more from 1/6/20 for 5 close family member to attend services.
7.) Limousines are not to be used until further notice.
8.) We have been asked to no longer carry any coffin, and urged to use wheels to move the coffin from the hearse. Family are not allowed to carry the coffin until further notice.
9.) We are taking necessary precaution and measures to ensure that our funerals can still be carried out as safely as possible, our working hours are unaffected currently.